An Update From String

To all of our String friends,

We are doing our best to continue business safely in the wake of COVID-19. We want you to know that we have implemented new policies and are keeping track of the frequent updates. String is open regular business hours and classes will continue at their scheduled times. Here is what we're doing to make this as safe as possible for both you and our team:
In-Store Protocols
All of our staff have been trained to properly disinfect the store on a regular schedule throughout the day. This includes all of the surfaces in the store as well as door handles and stairway railings. The staff will be practicing social distancing, hand washing, and using hand sanitizer as frequently as possible. We encourage you to utilize our restroom to wash your hands to protect not only yourself but other customers and staff members.
In the Neighborhood
To ensure safety and alleviate anxiety, we are offering same-day delivery within the Upper East Side and limited areas of the Upper West Side. Please give us a call (212.288.9276) to schedule or find out more about a neighborhood delivery. As always, we are also happy to assist anyone that is not comfortable coming upstairs by meeting you in front of the store. Curbside pickup is available on 74th Street in front of the store.
Outside of the Neighborhood
For the foreseeable future, we are offering free shipping in the Continental US on all orders, regardless of size. We want to be able to get your projects as quickly as we can.
Online Resources
While we are continuing our normal class schedule, we will also be offering online lessons, shopping assistance, and additional help via Zoom video conferencing. Please call the store to arrange a video call. There are video tutorials on our YouTube channel for many of the knitting techniques used in our patterns.
We understand the importance that knitting can play during stressful times and we want to make sure that all of our customers are able to continue projects without interruption. We're here to help however we can.
Take care,
The String Team

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