Portugese Knitting - Thursday, January 28th, 3-5pm -  ()


Portugese Knitting - Thursday, January 28th, 3-5pm


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As if two methods of knitting weren’t enough (English or Continental), now there is a third method gaining popularity. Namely, Portuguese Knitting. There are several benefits of Portuguese knitting. It is an especially good choice for people with joint pains and arthritis because of the minimal movement needed to process the stitches. With practice, (of course) you will find you knit fast faster and your stitches become more uniform. When you knit via the Portuguese method, the holding of the needles is the same. What’s different is that you tension the yarn around your neck or through a knitting pin on your shoulder while running the yarn around a finger of your right hand. Learn how to tension your yarn using this method. Then learn how to purl, knit, ribbing, basic lace, increases, and decreases all in the Portuguese style.

Thursday, January 28th, 3-5pm EST

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